Casa de la Vall, a fortified house in the Historical centre


Some of the best examples of the andorran romanesque art are situated in Andorra la Vella.
Andorra la Vella invites you to stroll through the most charming corners of our history. Organise your route to discover our historical and cultural heritage.
All the popular celebrations and traditions of Andorra la Vella will make you discover the roots of our culture.
The andorran gastronomy is based on the most traditional mountain-style cuisine, as well as on the most innovative tendencies.
Andorra is also a vital, expanding cultural community. A proof of it are the plays and productions with world-famous names, and a series of other world-reckoned events

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21/10/16 - 23/10/16

The 38th edition of the Fira d'Andorra la Vella will take place the 21st,...


The 3rd Race Fira d'Andorra la Vella will take place on October, 22nd 2016,...

28/10/16 - 13/11/16

The Andorra Shopping Festival is back. Your favourite shopping party from...


Do you want to win prizes valued at 3.000 Euros?

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In November the Mercat de la Vall will be dedicated to the do-it-yourself...