Cycle tourism
The ruggedness of its mountain passes, its spectacular landscapes, its rich cultural and natural heritage and the many options it offers are undoubtedly the main attractions for practicing cycle tourism in Andorra.
Andorra viewpoints
Nature in route
The long Springs circuit begins at the same point as the short one. Once you have completed the section to Ruta spring and arrived at the green hedge, follow the track to the Bosc Negre spring.
At the top of the picnic site, on the edge of Comella Parc estate, there is an area to leave your car. The path up to Prat Primer starts here.
Human beings and their adaptation to natural risks
The path follows a section of the GR7 trail. The first section, until it crosses the path to El Cortal de Sansa, is flat. Here grow lavender bushes that colour and perfume the trail.
Growth and development of the valley
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