Tourist bus
The tourist bus operates to bring visitors in contact with the culture and nature of our country.
The facilities, together with comfortable and reasonably priced hotels, place Andorra la Vella as an excellent international sport centre. The Mediterranean mountain climate and the altitude of the Municipal Stadium, Olympic Swimming-Pool and jogging areas are ideal for training. Climatologically conditions, together with an ideal average altitude for the organism’s fast adaptability to the new factors of the surrounding, are optimal for short training periods or the move from high altitudes to lower altitudes.
The main ones belong to the Comú or the government and represent a decisive contribution to the encouragement of sport in the whole country.
The Congress Centre is responsible for coordinating all those facilities and services at our disposal. We take care of your event, from preparation through to dismantling. Our staff are on hand to provide the assessment you need to organise your event.
The Congress Centre of Andorra la Vella is located in the very heart of the city in an unsurpassable location.
Andorra la Vella holds several fairs and markets which have a large citizenship participation.
The paradise for the lovers of the engine world.
Dr. Mitjavila
Doctor Mitjavila avenue, the most recent commercial area.
The traditional commercial heart of Andorra la Vella.
Prada Ramon, the new commercial centre
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