This year, as 2nd year, there's a paralel craft market, where handcrafters offer their goods.
The andorran gastronomy is based on the most traditional mountain-style cuisine, as well as on the most innovative tendencies.
Among the andorran traditional folklore dances, it is worth pointing out the Contrapàs.
Andorra la Vella holds several fairs and markets which have a large citizenship participation.
Dances and traditions of the country.
The Sometent is an organisation of civic participation.
Consòrcia de casats
The Consòrcia de Casats d'Andorra la Vella meets on Ash Wednesday.
The best example of rituals associated with Earth cycles and ancestral beliefs, are, without doubt, those to celebrate the feast of Saint John (Saint John’s day) at midsummer, where they twirl flaming sticks called “falles”.
Events based on religious beliefs and holidays are also related to Earth cycle, like the the escudella de Sant Antoni, (a popular gathering to eat traditional soup), which allows us to better know our roots.
All the popular celebrations and traditions of Andorra la Vella will make you discover the roots of our culture.
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